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FRP – Monitoring Unit

Innovative high-end monitoring units based on LoRaWAN® radio technology to monitor changes in the state of stress of glass fibre reinforced plastic equipment (FRP).


The patented and upgradable FRP monitoring unit provides accurate and validated data on the condition of your FRP equipment. Thus, indications of a variety of damages such as matrix or fibre cracks and other structural deviations can be reliably provided and evaluated at an early stage.The data transmission via LoRaWAN®, as well as the integrated high-performance battery ensures the functionality even in difficult conditions.

With the help of an actuator/sensor system per FRP monitoring unit, the fibre composite material (FRP) is periodically stimulated and the resonance frequency is determined. Changes in the state of stress are detected and transmitted at an early stage. The monitoring unit can be permanently installed on new and already existing structures. This generates regular, exact and validated measuring values.

Integrated dynamic analyses in the unit and algorithms on the AMBRELLA platform provide up-to-date overviews and trends of the monitored objects. This allows plant safety to be increased, unplanned outages to be avoided and maintenance to be better planned.

Key benefits:

  • Patented and retrofittable sensor technology
  • Battery powered, up to 5 years runtime
  • Data available at any time
  • Automatic alerts via instant messaging, mail, etc.
  • Simple & clear reporting features
  • Automatic self-tests
  • Immediate initiation of actions possible
  • No additional effort for accessing the measuring points
  • No random error (human factor)

Brief technical information:

Test probe:
Piezoceramic, laminated

Materials to be evaluated:
Glass fibre reinforced plastic (FRP).

Bidirectional communication via LoRaWAN®

Temperature range:
Min: -20°C Max: 90°C

Wall thickness::
up to 12mm for GRP.

Battery life:
up to 5 years, depending on the number of regular measurement cycles

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