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KI-Supported system operation

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Knowing what's going to happen.

Our platform

Plant operators in the process industry can use our platform AMBRELLA to monitor the current status as well as the expected lifetime of their infrastructure elements. Innovative high-end sensors provide precise and validated data based on LoRaWAN® radio technology.

Innovative, patented and retrofittable high-end sensors

Provides precise and validated data on a radio basis (LoRaWAN®).


We enable plant operators and their partners to organise operation and maintenance in a safer and more predictable way.

Safety and availability for our customers

With our solution for plant operators in the process industry, we provide a new dimension of information about the business critical infrastructure. Certified sensor technology allows parameters to be reliably recorded and provided digitally at any time. In addition, an AI-based Asset-Condition-Monitoring platform is used to generate end-of-life predictions.

Turn unplanned downtimes into planned operation!

Let us help you to increase your plant & operational safety and to improve your productivity and sustainability.



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